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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on ФОРУМ ХРИСТИАНСКОЙ ТРАДИЦИОННОЙ МУЗЫКИ. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Main rules of the forum

    1. Welcome the guests and participants of the forum "Christian traditional music"!

      This forum is for support and dissemination dedicated to promote and advance sound Christian music.
      It is closely affiliated with "Our musical heritage" website (
      The participants of the forum may be the Christians of different confessions who adhere to the basic Christian teachings and practice reverential music in their churches.
      The forum is limited to discussion of the questions, directly connected with the Christian music.

      All other issues can be discussed in other forums, such as the БРАТСТВО (BROTHERHOOD), НА ПУТИ (ON the WAY) (temporarily disabled) или ВО ИМЯ ИИСУСА (IN the NAME of JESUS).

      The forum is open to all visitors for general acquaintance, but you need to register for the full participation and downloading the materials.
      Preferred part with real names and photos, but nicknames are admitted for those wishing, with the proviso that the original data are provided to the administration.
      Participation in the forum under several names is not allowed.
      The administration of the forum shall be obliged to keep in secret the E-Mail address and personal data of the participants.
      All messages and files are the property of their authors.

      On the forum it is forbidden:
      • publication of the messages, contrary to the generally accepted Christian doctrines;
      • publication of materials protected by copyright without the permission of the author;
      • the publication of rock-, rap- and other types of not reverential music, even if it has the "Christian" label;
      • empty messages and spam;
      • offensive or disrespectful remarks about the interlocutor or the third persons;
      • to place the materials with the offensive, pornographic or other indecent content, as well as links to the sites of this nature.

      Commercial advertisements can be placed only in the section "Advertisements" and only on Christian themes.

      Additional rules:
      • Communication in the forum is in three languages: Russian, English and German, each in the corresponding branch.
        It is recommended to add Russian encoding to your computer or use transliteration in the Russian branch.
      • For security purposes, the exchange of E-Mail addresses are made in private.
      • For private correspondence, use private messaging (PM).

      Violation of these rules may lead to edit or delete a message, warning, or an exception from the forum.

      We thank all the participants of the forum for support of a sound position in Christian music.
      We pray for the success of the cooperation and we wish you abundant blessings of God.

      Pleasant communication!
      Administration of the forum
      "Christian traditional music"